bless [ bles ] (past tense and past participle blessed or blest [ blest ] ) verb transitive *
1. ) to say a prayer asking God to help and protect someone or something:
a ceremony to bless the harvest
a ) if God blesses someone or something, he helps and protects them:
May God bless you and bring you safely home.
2. ) to make something holy, so that it can be used in a religious ceremony: CONSECRATE
be blessed with something
to have something very good or special:
They were blessed with three lovely children.
Woods is blessed with great natural ability as a player.
bless him/her/them or bless his heart/her heart/their hearts SPOKEN
used for talking about someone in a loving or sympathetic way:
She's just learned to say her name, bless her!
bless my soul/bless me/well I'm blessed OLD-FASHIONED
used for showing surprise
bless you SPOKEN
1. ) used when you want to thank someone:
Oh bless you, I'd love a glass of water.
2. ) used when someone has SNEEZED

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.